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About Us

Strano Medical Limited is a Company in the healthcare business providing Medical and Surgical Services, Medical Assessment Services, Aesthetic Business, Telemedicine System Provider.

We provide our service in Europe, but especially in the United Kingdom and Italy, where we have a good network for healthcare professionals. We aspire to have a partnership with our clients, the more we understand the overall strategic objectives and needs of the healthcare, the more value we can add to better the successful outcome in health.

Strano Medical Limited is involved in promoting Telemedicine to excel to its full potential. All our products has hi-tech IT characteristics, they are built following the human interface guideline to make them easier for human-computer interaction. This system allows a better usage between our products, the healthcare professionals and the patients.

Our Company is based in the United Kingdom. Our Group structure of Strano Medical Limited is trade as following names: Strano Medical Limited, Induce Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Kent D4 Medical, PageOnWeb Media, SML, SML Virtual Hospital,  SML Indipendent Medical Appraiser.

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