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Online Clinic

Online Clinic is a pack built following the human interface guideline to make it easier for human-computer interaction. This system allows a better usage between our products and our clients with their patients, in utilizing the drag and drop technology, video conferences, multiparameter evaluation of the patient if desired (optional).

Our System (CMS) is composed of three parts:

The public part that represents the normal website you generally see on the browser, when you digit www…etc.

The private login area for the Patient Users Registered part, where they can read private news from or about your treatment, a chat room, where you can communicate in real time with your all patients and a forum, where you can discuss multiple topics.

The Admin area is the part you can control all website setup, where you can add, edit or update your contents whenever you wish to do so, giving you the freedom to be independent with your own on-line administration.

It allows administrators to edit content through an admin panel, that is then displayed on the public frontend of the website. There are several levels of users who have control over the content on the website, these can be administrators, supervisors and users.

The system is a powerful platform for a multimedia service for your Medical activity, thanks to the tools like: video consulting, newsletter, chat, forum and feedback email form. Altogether giving you the possibility to intercommunicate with your patients at 360° with the maximal privacy.

Online Clinic is an upgradeable package, where you can use multimedia, accessory kits and have the option to add modules whenever you feel the need to improve your activity.

From now it is more accessible to contact you for all your patients and your consultations online.

Price £ 499


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